Building and Construction

Building and Construction Law

If you are involved in a building and construction project, you would be well advised to seek legal counsel. Building contracts are complex and legal issues, with substantial financial risk for both parties, can arise during the course of construction.


CVC Law can ensure that building contracts are well-prepared before work commences and that the job complies with all relevant environmental and local government regulations. This reduces the risk of disputes and the need for litigation.


Your interests are uppermost so we will always explore informal dispute resolution methods before resorting to litigation. However, should alternative methods fail, our capable team will represent you in court.


We can assist you with:


  • Drafting building contracts

  • Advice and representation with respect to local government development requirements

  • Identifying environmental requirements and representation in the Land & Environment Court

  • Building contract disputes and litigation

  • Mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

  • Representation in licensing proceedings.

  • Home building claims

  • Defective or incomplete works

  • Home warranty insurance claims

  • Occupational health & safety issues

  • Pursuing and defending claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999

  • Joint ventures and consortium arrangements

  • Claims in the Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT).



Our building and construction lawyers have a wide range of experience, from supporting individual homeowners to representing developers.


To find out more about how CVC Law can help you with all aspects of Building and Construction Law, and how this can benefit you and your building projects, call 02 4226 4222 and book a confidential appointment with one of our experts.



Client Say

“ Hope this finds you and your family well mate, and all aspects of your business are doing well for you, I am sure it has turned out a great decision to set up on your own, something many people would not have had the confidence or self-belief to attempt, so well done Vic. My reason for writing also is to express my appreciation to you for providing such quality, capable and user friendly staff as you have with Sian. As with all our requests no matter how trivial, Sian is just so prompt with any information and such a pleasure to deal with, be it on the phone or e-mails, I am sure you would be the first to recognise the fabulous work ethic and professional approach Sian displays and the valuable asset she brings to your business. Thank you for all the great service you guys have provided for us over many years now.”
Di & Bill Morris, Client

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